Sundey best clothes

By on 30. March 2015

„Sunday best” clothes. It’s Saint George’s day. The whole family goesto the church fair. First we check out stands full of plastic toys, thenthe shooting range where dad manages to win mum a bunch ofgarish, fake flowers. Pink candy floss can’t be missed, my sister and Ihave to stamp our feet to get it, as it’s not healthy and bad for ourteeth. But mum always gives in and on top of this grandma gives ustwo ‘golden’ rings with pink ‘gems’. Total bliss. At the end merry-goround,we plead for one more go, just one more. And then we’re goingback, bangers going off in the background, mum, dad and grandmahappy, chatty; my sister playing a toy whistle; and me with amandatory baloon tied to my wrist.

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