RUNNING TO THE EDGE by Julia Borissova

By in Series on 16. October 2017

In this series I have concerned myself with the way that history and memory are perceived through images.

I explore a way of creating content around the photos through their physical presence as objects, connecting them with natural elements, thus highlighting their temporality. These flowers and petals mark the present, but at the same time they are a very powerful vanitas symbol. Black-and-white photographs ‘mean’ a different era; they are a visual analogy of the idea of memory slipping away with time. The concept of this work is fragility and disappearance.

In my work I turn to archival photos connected with the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the first wave of emigration after it. The people in the photographs are unknown to me. I found these pictures and the diary at a flea market in St Petersburg. I don’t refer to my memory but to the memory of the nation. This memory is connected to the events from Russian history.
The idea was to create an atmosphere of general, unspecified mourning for anonymous people through the medium of photography, the medium that is traditionally valued for its claim to authenticity.


Julia Borissova considers photography a way of research and recognition the intangible meaning in the world. She thinks that act of photographing attemps to make sensation visible. She explores ideas of the image and the materiality of the medium of photography. She employs a greater variety of photographic techniques and styles. Her interest is in the conceptual side of the work.


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