RED NOSTALGIA by Sebastian Hopp

By in Georgian Month on 13. July 2017

In present-day Georgia two separate generations live side by side: the aging seniors raised in the Soviet era; and today’s youth, who have grown up with heavy influence from Western culture. The more Georgia’s youth is influenced by the West, the more nostalgic older generations become for their Soviet roots. Consequently, they long for a leader like Stalin to restore order to their country. While almost every city has its own Stalinist movement, one place stands out: the city of Gori, Georgia. Gori is Stalin‘s birthplace, and traces of cultish devotion can be found everywhere. Gori is home of the world’s largest Stalin museum; there the gift shop sells everything from T-shirts to cups with adorned with his face. The local grocery store has a two-story Stalin portrait on its

outer facade. Devotion to Stalin is alive in the hearts of Georgian citizens. They are proud of their connection to the historic former leader.

Sebastian Hopp was born in 1989 in Germany. After graduating as a carpenter he made the life-changing decision to study photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. In 2016 he completed his Bachelors studies in Photography and then began his Masters studies. Photography has allowed Hopp to approach topics he is most interested in, and allows him to gain deep insight in different cultures, learning about their attitude towards life. Taking pictures of people gives him the opportunity to understand what is happening in our world.

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