PRAESENS || PRÄSENS by Maja Wirkus

By in Polish Perspective on 23. December 2016

The starting point of my work is the question of the reality behind identity-forming images in an ever changing society, the production and the conditions, its readability and reception. I ask for the mutual conditionality of photo- graphy and architecture, as well as the reciprocal dependency of both of these language systems. I am interested in their interplay and the relation of the image and illustratability. Based on the assumption that both photography as well as architecture can equally be utilized in a judgemental and manipulative way, I try to analyze the possibi- lities and problems of the constructing qualities of these two genres. Photography is by no means regarded as a medium producing pure reality any longer, but it is seen as an autonomous medium with judgemental, interpretative characteristics. The same can be said about architecture.If one analyzes the representation of architecture, one can notice that photography in part generates this process of revaluation itself, be it through the conscious use of manipulative images, varying contextualizations, or simply through permanent self-referential technical reproduction.Accordingly, I regard my work as a space of reference and examination of the documentary, as a space of negotiation and inquiry, which – in its openness – follows the societal process of appropriation.

Maja Wirkus born 1980 . lives in Germany and Poland
Studied experimental photography at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, where she completed with honors under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Johanna Schaffer and Prof. Bernhard Prinz. 2004-06 founded and directed the artist-run gallery Loyal in Kassel. 2009-10 studied at the Sint-Lucas Universiteit Beeldende Kunst in Ghent, Belgium. 2013- 14 research into the Praesens group in Warsaw on a scholarship from the Otto-Braun-Stiftung. The travel grant by the Hessischen Kulturstiftung will promote the research and realization of new works in 2017/2018. Her works have been exhibited in Mexico City, Hamburg, Berlin, Poznan, Lille and Ghent.

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