OSTLOOK Presentation, Berlin

By in Event on 9. December 2014
Photography: Andrey Sosnin

Photography: Andrey Sosnin

Presentation of the OSTLOOK Collective on the 11.12.2014 in Berlin, Neukölln at 20:00!

We will show selected photographic works by Andrey Sosnin (on Crimea), Ksenia Les (on Georgian Borders), and Jevgeni Roppel (on the Altai moutains in Russia) with artists being present.
We’ll have a discussion with the Russian art collective “Troyka” joining us through Skype directly from the Red Square
And as a dessert, the award winning experimental documentary “Who can be happy and free in Russia?” by Lyuba Matyunina.

Expect lots of good photography from the East and some tasty Russian specialities. You would have also the possibility to buy some postcards and prints as a present.


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