MY PLACE by Dina Oganova

By in Georgian Month on 11. July 2017

On the 26th of  December 1991 the Supreme Council made a decision about, the Soviet Union’s collapse. As a result of this, the Soviet Union’s 15 republics, including Georgia appeared to be independent.

Georgia… New generation.
This is a first generation that was born in the late years of the Soviet Union and raised up in the independent Georgia.

This is the generation that is on the crossroads of two centuries, the generation that fights against the environment, which is trying to limit them. This is a generation that is seeking for the freedom –  for the real freedom.

Dina Oganova ( DIKARKA)
Georgian,documentary photographer working on a personal, long term projects mostly in Georgia and Post Soviet Countries ,freelancer .
In 2012 won her first Production Grant from Open Society Foundation to Individual photographers from Central Asia, The South Caucasus ,Afghanistan, Mongolia and Pakistan and in the same year attend the workshop with Thomas Dworzak (Magnum Photos ) , Yuri Kozirev (Noor Images ) ,Adrian Kelterborn and Andrei Polikanov.
In 2013 was selected among world 12 best young photographers to attend World Press Photo ‘s Joop Swart Masterclass . It should be noted that Dina was first Georgian photographer who was selected and attended  Joop Swart Masterclass ,which is more than 20 years already.
In 2014 was selected as one of 30 best women photographers under the age of 30 .
In 2015 from PDN was named among 30 best emerging photographers to watch under the age of 30 and in the same year was finalist at Wallis Annenberg Prize.
Her Long term projects : “ I Am Georgia “, “My Place “ and “Frozen Waves “ was exhibited in :
Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Singapore and Georgia .
Dina Oganova is an author of the first Georgian handmade limited edition ( 87 ) photo book
“My Place”, which is about new generation of Georgia . First generation living after the Soviet Union collapse and raised up in the independent country .
Book is in the personal collection of several museums ,including the Metropolitan Museum in New York .
Now working on a second handmade limited edition book : “Frozen Waves “

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    Hello Dina Oganova, very interesting pictures. It is possible to by a catalog or a book of it? Thanks, Sylvia Barth, berlin

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