LONG BEFORE by Diana Lelonek

By in Polish Perspective on 12. December 2016

Long Before” is an expression of longing for nature and its connection with our ancestors. Nature in Diana Lelonek’s works is extraordinary – tempting and disturbing at the same time. It evokes a stream of contrasting emotions: longing, fascination and anxiety.

When searching for the origins of these emotions, the artist escapes from the present, where nature seems to have been tamed for ages, and goes back to the distant past, when humans and nature were still connected by a primeval bond. In order to recreate this bond, she tries to make humans equal to other species. She portrays naked men as a herd spied on by a hidden camera like animals in wildlife documentaries. She deprives them of the core of their identity: of their faces, which she covers with moss and soil. She tries to capture them with her camera as they used to be – unified elements of nature deprived of individuality.”

(Text by Katarzyna Różniak, from the exhibition at Lookout Gallery in Warsaw, 2014.)

Diana Lelonek, Born in 1988. Graduate of the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at the University of Arts in Poznań. Currently working as an assistant professor in the

7th Studio of Intermedia Photography. Her practice is based on photography combined with other media. She is interested in activities related to BioArt. Lelonek won several international competitions, among others: Show Off during the Krak.w Photomonth Festival and

ReGeneration 3 at the Mus.e de l’Elys.e in Switzerland. Her works appear, among others, in the collection of the Museum of Photography in Lausanne.



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