LANDSCAPE TO READ by Artur Urbanski & Ewa Ciechanowska

By in Polish Perspective, Series on 18. December 2016

Turkish Empire was governing lands from Hungary to Georgia, from Algiers to Eritrea over half of millennium. Its collapse gave countries to the generations which lived under Turkish occupation. These terrains are still suffering from shakes which are echoes of the history. We can find traces of it in the landscape: ruined houses in Bosnia, empty terrains near Kars in eastern Anatolia where millions of Armenians used to live, removed faces of Saints from Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian monasteries, ruins of Trapezunt or Ani. We can read sub consciousness of former Ottoman Empire nations from their landscapes. The more we travel through former Empire of Turks the more we notice the impact of hundreds years of cultural, economical and religious occupation on landscape of todays Bulgaria, Albania or Greece. Genius landscape painter John Constable said: We see nothing truly till we understand it.

Photographed by Ewa Ciechanowska and Artur Urbański in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey during 6 years of travel to Balkans and Middle East.

Ewa Ciechanowska

PhD – artist, curator and Assistant Professor at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, at the Department of Photography. In her photographic and video art she works in the field of recording reality experimenting with time, memory and the subjective experience of the space/time continuum. Her works were exhibited in dozen Polish and international galleries. The curator of many exhibitions: Waste Index – Triennial of Photography (Hamburg 2015), FLOW – 14th International Festival of Photography (Lodz 2015), Future Condition – Photokina Academy (Koln 2014), Darkroom – 13th International Festival of Photography (Lodz 2014), In the matter of things – 21st Month of Photography (Bratislava 2011). The editor of a book entitled Some Things Visible and Invisible Things (2009) showing the current situation and various creative attitudes of students of photography at the Film School in Lodz

Artur Urbanski

Artur Urbanski, b. 1969, documentary photographer. The leading theme of his work is the influence of the romantic ideas on contemporary landscape and society. Author of the books Lodz – Photos of the beginning of the century. and The End of the City. Awarded in Polish Press Photography Prize. He participated in many individual and collective exhibitions
in Graz, Kosice, Hamburg, Derby, Kaunas, Swansea. His photographs were published by Sunday Times Magazine, Guardian and Der Spiegel

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