“Kazantip” by Armen Asratyan // #crimearaw

By in Crimea.raw, Series on 22. March 2016

Going over some old archival photographs, I couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling for some reason: people lived here their life and then died. Older you get, less emotion the photos cause. But the existential horror groves stronger. A few days ago I read that the Crimean authorities „banned the electronic music festival “Kazantip ” because of numerous violations of the law, including a lack of fire-prevention and anti-terrorism measurements.”

I was taking pictures at Kazantip in 2003. Few days of the sea, sun and very nice people around. I was lucky to see it – I guess. I remember when I was back in Moscow I just couldn’t stop smiling to people (who has already been in Moscow, knows how weird it is). A few years later I was in Crimea and came back again to Kazantip, but on the third day I escaped. The sea and sun were the same, but the people around rarely unpleasant. Bad luck, I guess. Recently, after the annexation of the Crimea, I read that destiny of the festival was not clear. The organizers have transferred it to Georgia, then even decided going to Cambodia (sick!), then again in Crimea. And the final news – it has been banned. I do not know, maybe both sides try to bargain about something. Well, as for me – it died, and it’s so dead that should be buried. Memento mori. Good times. Amen.


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