KAJNIKAJ by Kaja Rata

By in Series on 29. March 2017

In Silesian dialect “kajnikaj” means “here and there”. This is a good description for my town in the southern edge of Poland, a place where nothing interesting happens. People are busy working hard as coal miners or drinking even harder while out of work.

The coal mines have become an unprofitable industry and are slowly disappearing. Sometimes, I get the feeling that my town is vanishing beneath my feet.
This is all the more significant since the ground is riddled with subterranean tunnels, left behind by years of coal excavation. These tunnels have lit up the imaginations of the locals, resulting in dozens of legends and local rumors.
For me, living here, the only way to escape this place is by getting into my space ship and flying into outer space.
Pictures in shades of pink and blue present what remains of the grey destroyed monuments of the Soviet era. Empty shifts and abandoned underground tunnels dominate the Silesian landscape.


Kaja Rata
Polish photographer based in Silesia district. Graduated Photography BA at University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. In 2016 she finished Sputnik Mentorship Programme in Warsaw, where she started her actual project „Kajnikaj”. Now she is studying at Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic.
In her works she is trying to balance between reality and documental fiction.


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