Jullia Wannabe

By in Series on 23. February 2016

Anna Grzelewska is passionately observing a transformation of her daughter Julia from a child to a young woman in her longtime project „Julia Wannabe”.

“My purpose was to search for sources of woman’s identity and to approach to the moment when a girl becomes a woman. There is something ambiguous and perturbing in this transition. The culture pictures childhood as a land of happiness: sweet and innocent.  Also, our memory tends to wipe any flaws out of this image.”

With the help of photography Anna comes to a more complex understanding of the growing up process. She is not using reportage photography or a family album but collaborates with her daughter to capture a universal phenomenon of adolescence. The final images are a mixture of Julia’s actual experiences and some significant childhood memories of the photographer.

“The tittle of the project is a reference to „Madonna wannabe “phenomenon. Girls who listen to Madonna’s music are dressing up and doing make-up to look exactly like she does. With these external attributes they try to discover the essence of being Madonna, the essence of femininity she embodies. Paradoxically, it helps adoleszent girls to express themselves.”

Anna Grzelewska is a photographer and a filmmaker based in Warsaw. She graduated from the Warsaw University in “Cultural Studies” as well as the Insitute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republc and Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film. Her work was published and exhibited in Europe and the United States.

Anna’s website: annagrzelewska.com

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