For the jurney clothes

By on 30. March 2015

„For the journey” clothes. The departure day. Crowd on the platform. Iam clasping my mum’s and sister’s hands. Suddenly I am rising. It’smy mum passing me to my dad through the compartment’s window. Iam follwed by two suitcases. My mum and sister somhow join us. It’scrowded and stuffy and like that for the next 14 hours. However, 2weeks of seaside holidays are a worthwhile prize. Mum has preparedsandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and tea in a ‘Wyborowa’vodka bottle, we have ‘Happy Minutes’ ( a children’s puzzle magazinein communist Poland). She loves the sea. She travels lost in herthoughts, I think she can already smell the sea and hear the waves andscreeching seagulls. Her blue dress may be made from cheapmaterial, but it doesn’t crease and dries in 2 minutes – perfect for suchjourneys.

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