“Push the Sky Away” is a triptych, with each part of the work the consequence of what has gone before, as well as leading on to the next. It is a creative path that has given me an interest in the primeval cultures from which our own cultural codes have grown. As a consequence I attempt to extract an underlying structure, which I believe is unchanging and unchanged. My feeling is that this lies within the tra­dition of the emotions, rituals, and behavior – elements which are shared in com­mon across all cultures, and to which photography has access.

cover-polish-monthIn december OSTLOOK celebrates the month of Polish photography. This time we won’t only show projects about postsoviet Poland, we’ve also selected outstanding works which reflect contemporary issues of the neighbouring countries and complex personal stories. The Polish photography scene is active and passionate. International photography events like Fotofestiwal in Lodz, TIFF Festival in Wroclaw and Photomonth in Krakow are exposing emerging talents from all over the world. Platforms like „Fresh From Poland“ explore new trends, publish and promote upcoming Polish photographers. Collectives like „Sputnik“ or „People You May Know“ are working on diverse projects around the globe. We will feature a selection of emerging Polish artists that represent diverse perspectives of contemporary storytelling, covering personal, subjective, poetic, analytic and conceptual approaches.

Curated by Jewgeni Roppel