„Nearly 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unipolar has ceased to exist, and the empire is trying to regain its position in the region. Its power of influence radiates into the former Soviet republics, changing their attitudes and taking a variety of forms: the conflicts or accelerated national identity formation.  For past 6 years Sputnik Photographers have been investigating if the people living in post-soviet countries still need to be awed by something that does not formally exist any longer.“

This month, the eyes are not only looking to Paris, also in Slovakia a lot of photography events happens. For the 7th time the Off-Festival opened it’s doors in the beautiful old Pisztory Palace in Bratislava.

Katalin Száraz

What happens when photographers from all over the world, some Getty editors and a few curators meet up in the south of France? Right, they booze up. At this year’s “Visa pour l’image“ photofestival in Perpignan the champagne coolers were just a busy as the exhibitions, so it seemed. Let us assume that was due to the raging heat though. For the sober ones, the 28th edition of the gathering had a lot in place: over 20 quality exhibitions were located in historic buildings all over the pictoresque town. In the evenings, giant screenings and prize-givings took place in the yard of an ancient monastery. From an OSTLOOK perspective, two prize-winning photographers have to be pointed out.

Irony as a landscape is a joint exhibition of young Russian photographers Oleg Borodin (27), Anton Zabrodin (31) and Alexander Lyubin (33). The artists perceive photography more than an object and go beyond the surface of prints with help of irony and symbolism.

Photography: Andrey Sosnin

Photography: Andrey Sosnin

Presentation of the OSTLOOK Collective on the 11.12.2014 in Berlin, Neukölln at 20:00!