OSTLOOK representing contemporary international photography from the former Soviet and East European countries. Within the framework of the 7th Hamburg Photography Triennale 2018 projects made by the 25 authors are united for the first time at the exhibition – part of a Satellite Show Programme – curated by Jewgeni Roppel. The projects displayed reflect a broad range of conceptual photography, documentary and reportage and do contemplate social, historical as well as personal and political transformations.

Photographers: Arnis Balcus Alena Zhandarova Andrey Sosnin Anna Ehrenstein Diana Lelonek Dmitry Lookianov George Nebieridze Igor Samolet Jacek Fota Jakob Schnetz Jewgeni Roppel Julia Borissova Lesya Pchelka Łukasz Rusznica Maja Wirkus & Eric Pries Marat Dilman Maria Sturm Masha Svyatogor Mila Teshaieva Natela Grigalashvili Niels Ackermann Olga Matveeva Piotr Zbierski Rafal Milach Viacheslav Poliakov Wiktoria Wojciechowska —

Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift Vorwerkstr.21 20357 Hamburg Deutschland

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„Nearly 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unipolar has ceased to exist, and the empire is trying to regain its position in the region. Its power of influence radiates into the former Soviet republics, changing their attitudes and taking a variety of forms: the conflicts or accelerated national identity formation.  For past 6 years Sputnik Photographers have been investigating if the people living in post-soviet countries still need to be awed by something that does not formally exist any longer.“

Irony as a landscape is a joint exhibition of young Russian photographers Oleg Borodin (27), Anton Zabrodin (31) and Alexander Lyubin (33). The artists perceive photography more than an object and go beyond the surface of prints with help of irony and symbolism.