Irony as a landscape is a joint exhibition of young Russian photographers Oleg Borodin (27), Anton Zabrodin (31) and Alexander Lyubin (33). The artists perceive photography more than an object and go beyond the surface of prints with help of irony and symbolism.

Olya Ivanova has been documenting a celebration of the Village Day in a remote settlement by Sukhona River in Vologda Oblast, Russia. Since 2 years she was driven by finding the real Russian character.

In his longterm project “The Koreans of Kazakhstan” Michael Vince Kim explores the identity of the Korean immigrants who were deported  in 1937 to Central Asia from the Soviet Union.

Starting from the 17th of April our fiends from the photography collectiveTroyka Union“ are taking part in the „Peace journey“. They are crossing 7000 km through Russia on a Russian folk’s minivans UAZics (gently called „ a bread loaf“).

Photography: Andrey Sosnin

Photography: Andrey Sosnin

Presentation of the OSTLOOK Collective on the 11.12.2014 in Berlin, Neukölln at 20:00!