“Environment and Security in Crimea” by Alban Kakulya // #crimearaw

By in Crimea.raw, Series on 25. March 2016

Alban Kakulya shows in his work “Environment and Security in Crimea” the homeland of the Crimean Tatars. In 1944 the tatars were deported to the exile under the rule of Stalin. He accused them of the collaboration with the nazis. 200.000 Tatars lost their home in one night. Many of them died and the population of the Crimean Tatars decreased dramatically. Not till the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s they were allowed to come back to their actual homeland. A lot of Tatars, also from the second Generation, decided to move back to the crim. But their formal home was now occupied by Russian and Ukrainian habitants.

The Crimea Tatars started to claim their land back. As a sign they built small stone houses on their old land, called “zachwaty”. These houses were not legally build and so there is a conflict between the new Russian and Ukrainian habitants and the Crimean Tatars. The Crimean Tatars are a minority that are seen as strangers in a land their parents used to call their home.



Alban’s Website: www.albankakulya.com

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