I am sitting by the window, looking at another faceless, bleak panel house. Every day and every night this ridiculous block of flats, a shelter for thousands of anonymous lives, stares at me with its empty eyes, not letting me forget about where I will return.

A Canadian photographer Jen Osborne explores the unique phenomena of the ‘Indian Hobbyism’ throughout Eastern Europe in her work “Red West”. The hobbyism attempts to simulate Native Americans way of life, traditions and reenact some notable battles. There are dozens of pow wows (spiritual gatherings), camps, adventure parks arranged through Europe. The photographer attended different gatherings of the hobbiest through Russia, Poland, Czech Republic Germany from 2011 until 2015 as well as the film settings left from the popular series Winnetou.



Ira Thiessen researches a complex identity of Russian Germans who returned back to their historical motherland in the series of staged portraits “Privet Germania” (Hello, Germany).